Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 of My Bestest Friends

Let me start by saying that I LOVE my friends. Two that I am writing about today have been by my side for the last two years. (One has been longer but the friendship has gotten closer in the last 2 years.) At first we were not nearly as close since it obviously takes time to build a strong friendship.

First I want to express how blessed I am to have Diane. She has become my not a rock in my yard...LOL! To me, Diane is my strength when I feel weak. She is also my mentor when I am feeling stuck or in need of advice. Diane cries with me, laughs with me, and also gets angry WITH me....LOL! She has been a lot like my best friend Jamie. I am so thankful that Diane is right next door. If I am ever in need of a car, a babysitter, brown sugar, or anything...she is always offering to help. Diane also is a great listener. I always have said that God bring people into our lives for a reason. Diane and I have become so close over the past 2 years.

Jenny, well I have been going through withdraw from...LOL! I forgot how good it feels to spend time with her since we both have been so busy. We have not been able to walk or even have a conversation on the phone. Last night we made the time to go to the track at Stabler and walk/run. We ended up walking about 3.5 miles and only running .5...LOL! However, I have never been a runner and it has been a long time since Jenny ran. I felt pretty good. We had a great conversation (can you believe we were able to talk and run at the same time?). We laughed and talked about our childhoods. I called Jenny when I got home and we were on the phone until after midnight. We laughed so hard about silly stories and life in general. We both agreed that WE NEEDED THAT! I appreciate how motivated she makes me and how we can both take a crappy situation and laugh at it together. We definitely are good for each other. We always feel better and inspired after we have spent time together.

Both Jenny and Diane read me so well. They know when to cheer me up, give me advice or leave me alone. I love that they are so in tune with what I need. I hope that I return the friendship the same way. Neither of them take anything personally nor do I, if they are crabby. However, we never get crabby...right? LOL! I am so grateful that they both have become best friends of mine. Over time we have established such a wonderful friendships. True friends are angels here on earth....both Diane and Jenny are angels to me.

What I am thankful for today:
Faith telling me she loved me for the 1st time yesterday
time with my children
a great walk/run last night
Jamie (my bestest friend in the world!)
Shawn (GOD he makes me laugh!)
Ya Ya's....(inside joke!)
the track at Stabler
a great, long conversation with Jenny last night
Diane having us over for dinner last night
my strength
my courage
the power to change my mood
my friends who know what I need and when I need it
a quiet house
Nickelback concert on Saturday!!
more time with Jenny
my classes tomorrow night
the sunshine
my energy
my health


  1. They sound like wonderful friends!

    Love the photo on the layout for 'cheers' at STM this week - looks like a great getaway!

    Thanks for playing!

  2. They sound like amazing friends!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE your STM LO this week!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photo, the colors, the layers...the flowers!!! GORGEOUS!!! Thanks soooooooooooo much for playing along with us! :):):):):):):):):)

  3. WOW this is gorgeous! Love your pic and that flower cluster just makes the LO pop! Colours are fantastic too! Thanks for playing along with us at stm!

  4. You have some awesome friends there. Love your page for STM. Thanks for joining in with us.

  5. Friens are really important so it's great that you have got so great friends! Love your take for STM!!!

  6. Amy dont forget, you are there for us just as much as we are for you!! I think I can speak for both Jenny and I by saying, we couldn't have asked for a better friend!

  7. You are so fortunate to have such great friendS!!!! Love your STM layout!!! Awesome!! Thanks for joining in the fun!!!

  8. LOL!!! I have that exact same photo of my DD with Chip or Dale. I don't remember which one. Thanks for playing along!