Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time to Myself & Snow Buddies

Last night was an interesting night. Jeremy was taking Makenna to 48 Hours Video to pick out a movie so I decided that it was a great evening for hot tea, candles and a bubble bath. My back was bothering me due to the way I slept the night before so I used this opportunity to pamper myself. Unfortunately this opportunity doesn't pop up often enough. I did give Jer some money to purchase Yes Man if they had it, with full intention of watching it when I got out. In fact, I was going to call Diane to see if she wanted to join me since Rudy is out of town on business. In the tub, I wrote in my Gratitude Book. By the time I was done I hear, "MOMMY! We're back!" That was short lived. I told her she could come in the bathroom. Her eyes lit up like big saucers! She said, "Mommy it looks so beautiful in here with the candles and the lights off!" Thank God for PartyLite! LOL! Before I could blink an eye she was naked getting in the tub with me. She loves the bubbles. I thought to myself, it is never to early to teach a child the importance of relaxing and taking time to yourself. I only hope as she grows, she will appreciate time to herself as much as I do. Makenna started swimming in the little space she had calling herself her T-dil...aka turtle. I asked her what her name was and she said "Tie". Then she told me that I was a t-dil and my name was Bow. Ha ha ha! I said hmmm, bow and tie turtle. How funny. When we got out I allowed her to blow out the candles, something us PL Consultants never do, we always SNUFF them out. However, it is more fun at 3 to blow them out. We then put her movie in which was Snow Buddies. I never ended up watching Yes Man with Diane because Makenna wanted me to watch the movie with her. If you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend it. There is a Golden Retriever puppy who I swear read The Secret. Everything out of her mouth (yes, they could talk in this movie) was very positive and sounded like a quote from the book. I just started laughing. The concept of this movie was amazing. Not that a small child would get it but still it was great for an older child and adults. Makenna was just very impressed by the talking dogs. I think that is what kept her attention. Anyway, the entire concept of this movie was how life moves you into places at the right time. It shows how one mistake, or at least that is what you would think it is, is actually meant to happen in order for your life to fall into place. And, even though it may seem like a horrible position at first, the outcome and experience is amazing. What I learned from this movie was that although we go through trying times, we will end up in a better place when it is all said and done. We just need to keep the faith and believe. God will put us in places where we are like, Hello? Why am I here? If you have doubts or feelings of confusion, just pray. You will get your answers whether it be through someone you meet, a lyric in a song or a sign or headline. Just be open to it and accept the signs with open arms. You will be amazed at the way your life will turn and how you will get this feeling of peace knowing you are doing the right thing.

I know in my heart that I was meant to watch that movie last night. And, I am so glad I did.

What I am thankful for today:
signs from my angels
the movie Snow Buddies
Makenna dancing and singing to her audience of stuffed animals lined up on the couch
time to myself
new customers and friends I am meeting through the Farmer's Market
owning the movie Yes Man
my Thermo Web order that came yesterday
Play-Doh (I forgot how fun it is to play with that)
PartyLite candles
hot tea
Wednesdays off
Deigo (even though he will never be a sled dog)
bubble baths
Jamie returning home safely from her vacation
Rachel for sending me the funniest emails, daily
Jenny feeling better
new Avon customers
my health
a great day today
a wonderful night's rest tonight
an awesome day tomorrow

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