Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Goosfraba....I must say that there are a lot of things that I could complain about right now, will get me no where but down a negative path which we all know I AM NOT GOING! Let's focus on the positive.

Yesterday was a great day! My classes are filling up, my clothes are fitting better, I was surrounded by wonderful people at my store last night and I got a lot done for this weekend. My mom helped me get ready for a 17 kid birthday party on Sunday. The kids are decorating quart sized paint cans in which the mom is using to put the goodies inside. What a cute idea! This is a joint birthday party between sisters. Mom and I got everything cut and the ribbon picked out. All we need now is the directions. I also talked to a woman named Linda who owns The Healing Place right here in Hellertown. She was next to me at the Farmer's Market this past Sunday. I invited Linda to come to the Open House so that she could talk to us about what she does. Linda has been living her life by The Secret for years. (Funny how I am meeting more people all the time that live like me.) Linda specializes in removing your negative energy. Yes, that is her job. And, she has learned a technique called No Touch Therapy which is wonderful for those who do not like to be touched (at least by a stranger). I have made an appointment for myself on June 22nd. Linda has expressed how many people love to come to her because it is so hard for someone to empty their head of all thoughts and to release all of the stress that they carry every day. And, it will also help with all sorts of stress related issues; headaches, backaches, trouble sleeping and so on. I am so thrilled to have her coming to our Open House!!

Last night ended with me closing my store early and heading to Crossroads for pizza with some friends. Jenny, mom my, Kathryn, and Tricia all went. I have decided to do this more often since us positive people need to be surrounded by each other. It really helps motivate and elevate the positive energy when you are in a group. We had a great time. I left with Jenny and was very full. However, we still managed to get a walk in and it was one of the best walks ever. My butt hurts today! Thank you once again Jenny for walking (off that pizza) with me last night!

Today I woke up to see that Diane joined facebook...LOL! Now I can pest her even more! I have reconnected with so many people through facebook and it has greatly helped my business. I am so grateful for so many things today!

What I am thankful for today:
Jenny, our long walks, long talks, and amazing friendship
Linda from The Healing Place
my day off today
Crossroads with the girls last night
everyone who offered to bake for the open house
Rachel for telling me that I am her cheerleader of life
Judy for stopping by my store yesterday just to say hi
my parents
my children
getting laundry done
my energy
my health
my appointment on the 22nd
full classes
birthday parties
new and old customers
getting the cans ready for the birthday party
hot showers
a great day today
an awesome day tomorrow!

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