Saturday, June 27, 2009

Be Happy Now!

My daily teaching for today really hit me. I felt this major need to blog about it because it is something I completely believe in.

You must be happy NOW to bring happiness into your life through the law of attraction. It's a simple formula. Happiness attracts happiness. Yet people use so many excuses as to why they cannot be happy. They use excuses of debt, excuses of health, excuses of relationships, and excuses of all sorts of things as to why they can't use this simple formula. But the formula is the law.

No matter what the excuse, unless you begin to feel happy despite it, you cannot attract happiness. The law of attraction is saying to you, "Be happy now, and as long as you keep doing that, I will give you unlimited happiness."

......I completely believe this is true. I have experienced this first hand. In a depression of 6 months about 13 years ago all I did was watch Legends of the Fall, the most depressing movie in the world and I cried more tears than I ever did in a lifetime. All it was doing was making me more sad and keeping me tired and in bed. Then Rachel came along and literally pulled me out of my bed, made me get dressed and took me out to Friendly's. Friendly's is our all time favorite ice cream place to visit together. She would get the Reese's Pieces Sundae and I would get the Reese's Peanut butter Cup Sundae (with all chocolate ice cream). MMMMMM! That was the first time in months that I actually laughed. Once I started allowing myself to feel happy again, it kept snowballing into more moments of happiness. Before I knew it I was out of bed on a regular basis, putting Brad Pit away in a closet and watching funny movies instead of depressing ones. I started surrounding myself with positive people and putting myself in situations where I would laugh with people and feel good. It was not long before I realized that the depression was behind me. I have blogged before about laughter being the best medicine. It seriously is because it will help you heal on the inside and feel joy. I am thankful that Rachel made me get out of bed....believe me, you do not argue with her...LOL! She would have kicked my butt. We all need friends who can give us that kick in the butt when we need it. I never did get angry with her for making me do something against my will. It was by far the best thing she could have done for me.

When I am down, here is what I do to lift myself up:
Call a friend who I know will make me laugh
Listen to my favorite CD
Go for a walk either alone or with a friend
Work in my garden
Watch a funny movie

Find what works for you. It may take a little research, but it is worth it.

Please know that although we may not be feeling great or have just heard some bad news, we can still find the good in every situation. Allow the light of laughter and love into your lives and watch the happiness grow more and more every single day. This is your choice....want to be miserable or happy? It is up to you.

What I am thankful for today:
ever lasting friendships
Reese's Peanut butter Cup Sundaes
funny movies
Nickleback (new CD always lifts me up)
Scrapping The Music Challenge
my friends
the chance to go to the farm tonight
Don Diego (my alpaca boyfriend)
horseback riding
racing the Gator
feeling free
my peaceful mind, body and spirit
being off all depression medication for over 8 months now!!
my store
funny stories (Shawn is filled with them)LOL!
French Vanilla iced coffee
time with my niece and nephew this morning


  1. What a great layout this week! Thanks for playing along! We are going to have a Nickleback song next month! Have a great week!

  2. WOW that is such an orginal design....scrapped so beautifully!
    Thanks for playing along with us at STM.