Friday, May 15, 2009

Crappy Situations and No One To Blame

I found this quote the other day that I feel like sharing. It was: One who has no goals has no where to go. That is so true. If you do not have a goal, where are you heading? I set goals for myself daily. Most of them are chore lists, or inspiring lists, such as my mood, or whatever...

I used to not do this and never felt like leaving the couch. Partially because I had no motivation nor did I set any goals. Some of the reason was because I was stuck in a situation that I didn't want to be in. Guess who's fault that was...mine. Little I did I know that at the time. I now know that WE are in control of our lives by every single choice we make. Whether it is to date a man who really isn't worth our time, spend that cash on going out to eat (again) but now have no money for our bills, working at a job that we cannot stand, stuffing our faces with greasy fattening food and calorie filled lattes down to not thinking positively and starting our day off on the wrong foot. IT IS OUR one else's. We make the choices. No one sits there pointing a gun to our heads saying, "You must take this crappy job or eat those damn hot wings!"

If you find yourself in a situation that you are unhappy in maybe you should write down some goals. Find a new direction to take and start thinking about the choices you make. Don't worry about why or how....just do! Your goals can be simple and do not have to be huge material items. If you are sad, one of your goals could be to end the day in a smile. It is that easy. If you are staying in a crappy mood, then that is your choice. I was crying for a very short time this morning. Then I had two friends write to me and made me crack up. Both of them gave me some inspiration to change my mood. Yes, sometimes we all need a little help from our friends, but isn't that what they are there for? We are not in this world alone.

Today I say, get off the damn couch, eat some fruit, re-evaluate your problems, pay your debts before splurging on unnecessary things, and damn it...SMILE! Life is too short to be miserable.

What I am thankful for today:
My friends who are there for me every second of the day
Yes Man
long walks
my store
Jim Carey
Nature's Promise Organic Chocolate Cookies
Healthy Choice's Steamers
Jillian Michael's Book Master Your Metabolism
the power of CHOICE!
the power to change your life!

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  1. Great take on the Scrapping The Music Layout! I love how you have them all in the left hand column - that's awesome! Thanks for playing along with us!