Friday, March 27, 2009

What I Want

It is stated in The Secret that you need to specifically ask the universe for what you want, You need to only ask once, be thankful, act as though you are receiving and give. Act as though everyday you have already received what it is that you have asked for. Turn every thought into a positive one and relax. This is a list of what I want in my life, for my life, and in my future. I thought that blogging about what I want would give people an idea of what they could have. It does not need to be a material thing. Too many people feel that asking for something that brings them joy is being selfish. I believe that it is only selfish when you are only ever thinking of yourself and no body else. Besides, in The Secret we are told that you must fill yourself up first in order to be an inspiration to anyone else. So, here is what I had asked for...maybe not all of it but it is some....

More quiet time, alone
To lose weight
Jeep Cherokee Laredo
Log Cabin
A successful business
To be healthy
To be an inspiration
To be inspired
New clothes
To go to Bermuda
To go to Discovery Cove in Florida
Happy and healthy children
A long life
Continued creativity
To stay safe
A bed and breakfast for my business
A Great Prynees
A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel
A Rag Doll
A king sized bed
A new washer and dryer
To be best friends with my children as they enter adulthood.

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