Sunday, February 22, 2009

Virginia and Mimi

I think I may be actually suffering from writers block! It could be that I am extremely tired, have way too much on my mind, or that I just cannot pick one thing to write about. Let me think...

Virginia is the little elderly lady who comes into my store every Sunday to work on a scrapbook for her granddaughter. Today I had a class when she was there so I wasn't able to work with her today. However, my mom was more than willing to help since she was there. Thank goodness since I do not like to be busy when Virginia is there. She looks to me for help since she has never scrapbooked before and she needs to get this done in 2 weeks. After today she is almost complete. I am sure that next Sunday we will get this done for her. Because I have a feeling that she will not be coming in much after she is finished, I made her a card today. Thankfully she left her stuff at my store, so I could easily put this card in her bag. I need her to know that I am very thankful that she allowed me into her heart and allowed me to help her. She has no idea what the time she had spent with me has done. Trying to type this without tears is not easy.

The way she talks about her granddaughter is the way my grandmother was with me. Virginia adores her granddaughter in every sense of the word. I remember as a kid my grandmother bragging to my friends and boyfriends and showing pictures of me that were actually embarrassing. In fact, I think a lot of times I got angry but never had the heart to let her know that. Now as an adult, I can appreciate all those horribly embarrassing pictures since I am seeing that we ALL have them...LOL! I am grateful that even though those pictures were embarrassing to me, Mimi absolutely loved them. Having Virginia at my store has me appreciating all those moments I was able to spend with my grandmother. I was with her constantly.

Virginia does not get to see her granddaughter very much due to busy lifestyles and a bit of miles between the two. However, I know there is not a day that goes by that Virginia does not think about her granddaughter. Just like there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my Mimi. I am so thankful that I got to relive some of my memories of the past through the relationship that Virginia has with her granddaughter and through all of the pictures she has of their moments together. Putting a scrapbook together of me and my grandmother is just not something I have been able to do......yet.

People may think that me making a card for Virginia is a little backwards since I was the one helping her. However, it is moments like these that I feel we did something wonderful for each other. She reminded me of so many special moments....and she needs to know that I am so thankful for that.

What I am thankful for today:
the time I have spent with Viginia
my cat who is on my chest and making it very difficult to type
my teachers
my friends
my family
the moments I shared with Mimi

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