Friday, February 13, 2009

It's All About Being Thankful

Today was a stressful day for me. It doesn't matter the details of the day. What matters is that it is over and tomorrow is a new day. So, I am not going to blog tonight about anything except what I am thankful for....

Being able to go out to dinner tonight with just me and my husband.
My children who are ever so peacefully sleeping in my bed. (They fell asleep watching Caillou together.)
Makenna in underwear for her third day and no accidents!!!
My awesome neighbors who always make me feel important and their own special way...LOL!
Jenny and Rita for watching my store tonight so that I could go out to eat.
My parents, my grandfather and my aunt....for taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese tonight.
Zoe, one of my cats who is puring and laying here next to me.
Chocolate Brownie Sundaes!!
My health and family's health.
Blankets since I am FREEZING! (Sorry Beth.....I know you are always hot!)
Amy Grant for her music and her book which was such an inspiration to me.
The so far 5 people who's lives I have touched by passing on the book The Secret.
What is to come of my future....

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