Sunday, February 8, 2009

It was our first pajama day at Scrapbooking's Inn. Everyone was in their pajamas, slippers, and enjoying free coffee and snacks. It was a very enjoyable day. Our massage therapist was there, and man....he is GOOD! I love the fact that you do not have to be there to scrapbook to get a massage. He will massage anyone who comes in. I highly recommend Tom. He charges $1.00 per minute and I found that 20 minutes was a good enough time to make me feel better. My neighbor Rudy also catered the event with coffee cakes and raspberry bars....YUMMY! A lot of women were taking them home to their hubbies as well as treating themselves.

I am totally enjoying my job. In fact, I do not feel that it is a job. Jobs have always been hard, stressful, and for the most part, physically and mentally exhausting. Doing nails was not a stressful job however it was rough on the body. My back and my wrist would kill me. Since I have stopped doing nails, my back as improved and the cyst in my wrist is almost completely gone. I now understand the horrible effects of repetitive motion. Working in retail was very hard. Not only were you on your feet for sometimes 12 hours a day but you had to deal with managers or owners (sometimes both) who seemed as though they were from another planet. Plus, for all of the work you do, you never got paid enough. I will never forget the 5am inventories, working when I was too sick to stand but I could not find someone to cover for me, customers screaming at me because they didn't agree with our policies....and so on and so on. When the last store I worked in closed it's doors, it was actually a huge relief. I knew I would be find since I was already in school getting my nail license and already had a new job in the field lined up. I guess sometimes it takes having lots of crappy jobs to actually push yourself to start a new career.

After being a stay-at-home mom for well over 2 years, doing Avon, PartyLite, and nails on the side, little did I know that my scrapbooking would be my next career. Did I ever think that doing the one thing I thoroughly enjoyed as a hobby would become a dream job for me? No. All it took was a talk with my friend Rita, lots of notes and excitement and I was on my way. How I achieved it in 4 months was totally the work of The Secret.

Here are just a few ways The Secret has worked for me in the last few months:

  1. I had two cancellations for my class this past Tuesday night. I went to work saying to myself, I am getting those two seats filled. I didn't care how it was going to happen, but it was. In the afternoon I had received a phone call from someone who was already signed up for the class. She had asked if her daughter could come and take the class with her. There was #1. Now, the class was to start at 6:30pm and it was now about 5:30pm. Still I was not giving up on that second person filling that seat. My phone rang again and it was my friend Heather. Guess what? She wanted to know if I had any seats left for the class. There was #2.

  2. I needed gas money the other day and new I had no cash. So, I asked to find money to fill my tank. I was catching up with laundry that day. By the time my third load of laundry was done I had found $30. There was my gas money.

  3. Before I knew about The Secret......... A long time ago I was estranged from my friend Heather. I wanted so badly for us to be friends again. I would pray, and picture us being friends like no time had passed. I never gave up thinking that it would happen some day. Over ten years went by before it happened but once again we are friends. Not only friends, but best friends. The best part was that when we did finally re-connect, it was as if no time had past.

  4. Same thing happened with my friend Jamie. We were only apart for a short time. I did the same as I did with my feelings about Heather and my relationship. Jamie and I re-connected as if no time has past. The best thing about these two friends is that I know nothing will ever tear us apart again.

  5. I had a PartyLite show last week. The hostess was bummed because she did not get her show up to the qualifying amount of $250. On the phone, I had told her not to worry since it would happen by the end of the night. We had to close her show by midnight. By 10:00pm I had her show up to $275. Here she was thinking she was only going to get $33 to spend on gifts for herself. When the show was said and done, she was able to spend $194.

  6. I had another PartyLite show last night. It took me 55 minutes to get there. The entire drive I told myself that Amy was going to have an AWESOME show. I could feel it. The hostess credit is double this month and I wanted her to be able to get a majority of the things she had on her wish list. I left her house and her show was at $560. After today, her show is up to $640. I know it is only going to go up. As of right now Amy gets to spend $385 on anything PartyLite that she wants! PartyLite ROCKS! Did I mention that I will get a nice paycheck and I also got a PartyLite sponsor!! YEAH ME!

  7. There are many other things that The Secret has helped me achieve like my store, my teachers, my customers, etc. The main thing it has helped me with is staying healthy. I asked to be healthy and that is how I am going to stay. I have not been sick since September, but I have been around sooooo many people who were.

What it comes down to is that you need to REALLY want what you are asking for. I am not asking for a million dollar house or a fancy car. All I want is to be healthy, have fun, have strong relationships with everyone in my life, and help others achieve the dreams they have for themselves. This is why my New Year's resolution was to pass The Secret to 10 people so that it would change their lives. So far, 3 people have borrowed the book, two people have bought it, one actually already had it in her house and is now reading it and others are in line to borrow it next. Everyone who has read it has seen a drastic change in their lives already. If you put The Secret into effect, your lives will blossom. It is not a self help book, it is not a religious book, it is the book that contains the secret to life.

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