Sunday, January 11, 2009

Icy Day

Due to the icy conditions...last night I decided to not open the store today. It ended up being a good thing since my daughter Makenna woke up with hand foot and mouth disease....again. Hopefully having the day with her and staying home will help her get some rest to feel better. If your children have ever had this then you know how much it stinks. There is nothing you can do for it and sometimes it lasts a month. This is her 3rd time with this disease.

Looking out my window today it looks so white and pretty. I had the opportunity to walk to work yesterday while it was snowing. It was quiet, bright white, and serene. It reminded me of when I was a child......

I used to sled down my parents very steep hill. When I got to the bottom, I would just lay in the snow taking in all the beauty around me. The sky was so blue, there were no sounds of birds or any life around. I remember thinking 'how much I wish I had more moments like this.' Then I realized that I had to walk back up the hill and the moment was over. For some reason, the hill doesn't look nearly as big now as it did when I was a kid. However, now it is much more difficult to walk up...what is up with that?

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